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About Khambhalia

Khambhalia is also referred to as Jamkhambhaliya. It is not only a town but also a municipality that is located in the district of Devbhoomi Dwarka in the Indian state of Gujarat. Khambhalia is considered to be the largest town and the headquarters of the district.

History of Khambhalia

During the ancient times, Khambhalia was ruled by the Vadhels. Jam Raval was known to capture this town from the Vadhels. This town was the capital of the state of Nawanagar at that time when it was ruled by the Mughals. The old town was fortified, and there were many bastions that were placed at regular intervals. This was built almost three hundred and fifty years ago. There are total five gates, and they are the Por Gate, the Nagar Gate, the Salaya Gate, the Jodhpur Gate, and the Dwarka Gate.

The temples of the town are very old, and these include the Ramnath Temple, the Kamnath Temple, the Ashapuri Mata Temple, the Kalyanraiji Temple, and the Jadeshwar Mahadev Temple. There are a number of other eminent religious places as well. These religious places include the Ajmer Pir Dargah and the Mahaprabhu’s Bethak. The town of Khambhalia is well known for its history and culture.

Geography of Khambhalia

Khambhalia is located on a slightly elevated ground. The town is situated very close to the famous Tali and Ghee rivers. This makes the soil of the place very fertile, and it is suitable for agriculture as well. Khambhalia was known to have a population of around 100,000 people. The males constituted around 52 percent of the total population, and the females constituted around 48 percent. Khambhalia also has a literacy rate of around thirty percent. The population that is below the age of six years is around thirteen percent.

Culture of Khambhalia

Near the Ramnath Temple which is situated close to the river, a grand fair takes place almost every year, on the final days of the month of Shravana. This fair is also organized near the Shiru Lake. This fair is very famous, and a lot of people visit this fair from different parts of India.

Economy of Khambhalia

Khambhalia is considered to be an active and important business hubs of India. This place is extremely famous for all the ironsmiths that are found here. The famous powerhouse that is owned by the Gujarat Essar Power was established in the year 1954. Since then, it has been a major power supplier for a number of places in Gujarat. This is one of the most important economies of the state. There are a number of oil mills that are spread across the entire town. The main handlooms of the town of Khambhalia are the ivory bangles and the handlooms. The most important commodities for trade include the cottonseed, groundnuts, and ghee. The major and eminent petroleum refineries in and around the town of Khambhalia include the Reliance Refinery and the renowned Essar oil refinery. The town has started developing to a great extent, and it has a hospital for the treatment of the patients. Also, there is a district hospital that is coming up. The town of Khambhalia is also well equipped with the schools, the government library, and the veterinary hospital.

Connectivity of Khambhalia

Khambhalia is very nicely connected to different parts of the state with the improved transport facilities.

Rail Transport

The railway station of Khambhalia is located on the gauge line of Viramgam-Okha. There is also a branch line to the Salaya Port.

Road Transport

Khambhalia is connected to the major places of the state of Gujarat by the vehicles of the GSRTC or the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation.

Services in Khambhalia

Following are some of the most essential services in Khambhalia:

Hotels in Khambhalia

Hotel The Grand Bajrang
Address: Char Rasta, Salaya Rd, Khambhalia
Phone: 09638146565

Shivam Guest House
Address: Khambhalia, Yogeshwar Nagar
Phone: 09909881111

Kalyan's Hotel, Banquet & Restaurant
Address: Jadeshwar Rd, Char Rasta, Khambhalia
Phone: 02833-232150

Hospitals in Khambhalia

Madhav Hospital
Address: Station Rd, Daglawa, Khambhalia, Gujarat, Pin- 361305

Raninga Hospital

Address: Salaya Rd, Yogeshwar Nagar, Khambhalia
Phone: 02833-236666

Dr. Raithatha Hospital
Address: Nr petrol pump,, Khambhalia
Phone: 02833- 236133

General Hospital
Address: Devbhumi Dwarka, NH-947, Jamnagar Rd, Khambhalia

Bansi Hospital
Address: Khambhalia,, Yogeshwar Nagar, Khambhalia
Phone: 089800 55887

Jaitendra Hospital
Address: Jam Khambhaliya, Devbhumi Dwarka, NH-8E, Dwarka Rd, Gandhvi

Patel Hospital
Address: Salaya Rd, Yogeshwar Nagar, Khambhalia
Phone: 02833- 236 000

Dr. Thakkar Hospital
Address: Pathan Chowk, Porbandar Road, Navapara, Khambhaliya

Saket Hospital
Address: Yogeshwar Nagar, Khambhalia
Phone: 099748 69005

Vedant Orthopedic Hospital
Address: Station Rd, Yogeshwar Nagar, Khambhalia
Phone: 09712987759

Chemists in Khambhalia

Shreeji Medical Stores

Address: Near Taili Pul, Station Rd, Khambhalia, Jamnagar
Phone: 02833- 232679 and 9725389924

Banks in Khambhalia


Address: Post Office Rd, Shyam Cmplx, Nr Sagar Enterprises, Khambalia District, Khambhalia

Address: Navapara, Devbhumi Dwarka, NH-947, Jamnagar Samana Road, Jamkhambhalia, Jamkhambhalia
Phone: 02824 236 147

Vijaya Bank
Address: Sharda Cinema road, Daglawa, Khambhalia
Phone: 02833- 232 747

Union Bank of India
Address:  Daglawa, Khambhalia
Phone: 09909963739

Bank of Baroda
Address:  Navapara, Devbhumi Dwarka, NH-947, Jamnagar Samana Rd, Jamkhambhalia, Gujarat, Pin code- 361305
Phone: 02897- 222 103

Central Bank Of India
Address: Gandhi Chowk, Jamkambalia, Jamnagar
Phone: 02833- 232 768

IndusInd Bank
Address: Bethak road, Daglawa, Khambhalia
Phone: 099023 45878

Saurashtra Gramin Bank
Address: Post Office Rd, Navapara, Khambhalia
Phone:  02833- 277 283

Axis Bank
Address: Ajit Bhuvan, Station Rd, Near Rlwy Stn, Jamnagar, Khambhalia, Gujarat, Pin code- 361305

Vijaya Bank
Address: Sharda Cinema Rd, Daglawa, Khambhalia, Gujarat, Pin code- 361305
Phone: 02833 232 747

SBI Bank

  • Daglawa, Khambhalia
  • Navapara, Khambhalia

Bank of India
Address: Navapara, Khambhalia

Canara Bank
Address: Banglavadi, Khambhalia

  • E-mail

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